About me

Hi I'm Chris, I'm based in Sheffield I moved here many moons ago to study Mathematics (?!) at the university.  I like to think that I am a friendly, down to earth sort of guy. I love nature and the outdoors, photography (!), record collecting, art, exploration, travel, charity shopping, beard growing and treasure the time that I have with my partner and family. After spending over a decade photographing street, travel and lifestyle, I now bring these skills and experiences to shooting weddings. 

Photographic Style

I'd like to tell you a little about how photograph weddings. I specialise in no nonsense, natural, documentary style wedding photography. Well what the heck does that mean I hear you ask (?!). I would say that I aim to record the real events and authentic emotions of your day. To me photographs without emotion are lifeless.

I use the smallest, quietest, discreetest professional cameras I can get my hands on, so that I don't make a scene and blend in more with your guests. In fact this often works too well and I am often asked by guests if I am a friend of the married couple. 

By taking pictures of your day as it unfolds naturally I hope you will look back on my photos and be reminded of your day and the emotions you felt. I would hate for you to be reminded of how long that staged and fancily lit photograph shoot took and how it disrupted you enjoying time with your family and friends. 

Colour or Black and White

I am often asked why I shoot some photos in colour and some in black and white. My response is that if the small details and emotions are easier to see in black and white I shoot them like this. Or if the colours are too distracting or clash with each other then I'll shoot that  picture in black and white. My pictures usually end up being about 70/30 colour to black and white.

Party Time

If the evening calls for it then I like nothing better than to get up on the dance floor and get up close to the action. I may even bust of few of my own dodgy moves. I find the best way of recording the real feel of the party, is to get in there and an interact with it. 


I hope the images on my website provide you with an idea of what to expect photographically from me, however if you have any further queries or ideas of your own, do not hesitate to contact me.