Second Shooting

No I haven't turned into a gun tooting megalomaniac, nor am I committing my second act of some such crime. Second shooting is a term photographers use for a secondary photographer at an event. It's sort of like the main photographer having an assistant but instead of holding up reflectors and flashes, they help by taking photos. 

In wedding photography the second shooter will try and record some of the action when the primary photographer is otherwise engaged, for example when sneaking off with the newly wed couple for private shots.

The second shooter can also take pictures from a different perspective than the main photographer. This can come in really handy at a wedding ceremony when you don't want to disturb proceedings by moving around, or to have two angles on a special moment.  For example, In the confetti image below I was able to concentrate more on the guests, rather than on the couple. It's great to show how much they are enjoying the moment too.

I thought I'd show you some images from my first (and only) time assisting another wedding photographer, Claire Bradley of Claire Bradley Photography. Here's Claire taking a quick break from shooting.

Hiring a second shooter is definitely something to consider if you're having a large wedding or you would like getting ready shots from both parties. Please just drop me a line if you'd like to know more. 

Scroll down for my thoughts on the experience.


I really enjoyed the experience of second shooting and I would definitely recommend it as a way of gaining experience in wedding photography. I helped out at this wedding quite early in my career and it provided me with great hands on experience of shooting weddings and I also got to see how another photographer worked. 

If you are reading this as a budding wedding photographer and would like to gain more experience, drop me a line as I have often have paid opportunities for second shooting.